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Airsoft is a combat simulation sport involving gun play and teamwork with realistic imitation firearms. Airsoft events range from casual skirmish games, to competitive team tournaments, to historical military simulations. At skirmishes, players engage in a variety of different scenarios, ranging from basic attack and defend games, to territory control, to more complex hostage rescue.

What To Expect From Us

You’ll become part of a welcoming and highly social society beyond airsoft itself. We place a strong emphasis on having a good time and getting to know each other between games, and we hold regular socials. We are one of the most successful university airsoft societies in the country, having won several consecutive annual tournaments. We would attribute this to the playing at the large number of varied airsoft sites around the Hampshire area.
Our expansive knowledge and experience will be present during your introduction to the sport, both at your first games, and during the training sessions we will organise for new players. We also help organise/provide transport to make it easier for the society to stick together when skirmishing. The society can also lend guns and equipment to members in need, on a first come first served basis. We will also assist new players in becoming site registered so they can purchase their own airsoft guns.

What To Expect As A Member

We are quite a relaxed society, and we will not pressure you into attending more games than you would like to. That said, we do expect that you have a Facebook presence (see links below) in order to stay up to date with the latest events. We also ask that, where possible, you contribute towards society proceedings; nothing unreasonable will be expected of you.
Airsoft works on an honour system; cheating is punished severely by site marshals, and cannot be tolerated within the society! We have built up a good relationship with the local and inter-university airsoft community on our sportsmanship and honesty, and this will not be jeopardised.

The membership fee for the Airsoft society is £10. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for information about what we are up to each week!

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