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Airsoft is a combat simulation sport involving gunplay and teamwork with realistic imitation firearms. Airsoft has become a popular sport drawing many comparisons to paintball for both concept and gameplay, the main difference being the ammunition used, 6mm plastic pellets instead of the larger and messier paintballs.

At skirmishes, players engage in a variety of different scenarios, ranging from basic attack and defend games, to territory control, andmore complex hostage rescue. We are proud of the diverse range of events we offer to our members including Speedsoft at the inter-university tournaments in Birmingham, as well as offering members the chance to attend Mil-sims.

How to get started with our Annual Members Day

Once you are a member of our society you can join our private Facebook group where we share all details of upcoming events. Your membership covers the cost of your first game at our Annual Members Day.

To kick off the year we host a unique, all inclusive, private game day that you are instantly invited to after joining the society. This gives new members a cheap introduction to the sport and returning players the chance to catch up with each other. We provide you with a weapon, ammunition and face protection! All you need to bring with you are spare clothes to change into afterwards, protectives shoes and lunch.

Regular Game Days

We are very lucky to have such a diverse range of nearby game sites, with the closest being within Portsmouth itself.

We play a variety of styles from Woodland, Urban and CQB across Prisons, WW2 Command Bunkers and Ex-Military Training Facilities.

In addition to our annual members day, we host more monthly private game days where our members gather for a day of shooting at friends and to play the game modes that public players don't always get the chance to experience such as Trouble in Terrorist Town.

What To Expect From Us

You'll become part of a welcoming and highly social society beyond airsoft itself. We place a strong emphasis on having a good time and getting to know each other between games, and we hold regular activity socials around portsmouth.

We also promise our members that we will:

  • Help you out, on and off the game field, with any questions and issues.
  • Offer training sessions for those who wish to develop teamwork and tactics
  • Organise transport for all society led game days, to ease your preparation
  • Supply rental guns for those without, to save you paying full price for site rentals
  • Assist all members get site registered, to help you purchase your own imitation firearm
  • Provide a comprehensive calendar for all our planned public and private games & socials

Additionally, we fully accommodate our members attending their own public game days and our society is a great forum for finding a fire team to play with.

What do we ask of you?

We are quite a relaxed society, and there is no obligation to attend anything. That said, we do want you to have a Facebook presence (see links above) in order to stay up to date with the latest events and to join in as much as possible.

Airsoft works on an honour system; cheating is punished severely by site marshals, and cannot be tolerated within the society! We have built up a good relationship with the local and inter-university airsoft community on our sportsmanship and honesty, and this will not be jeopardised.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for information about what we are up to each week!

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