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Self-confidence, discipline and self control.

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Basic Self Defence is a society, which will introduce you to some of the systems and disciplines and how they can be used to defend yourself. It is a great opportunity to learn practical moves which will make you feel more confident and most importantly, safe in a high stress environment. Not only will you experience great fun activities, and social events but you will also learn about the psychological approach to solve conflict! Body language reading, danger assessment and situational awareness will be just one of the many parts of your training. Furthermore, you’ll be taught the necessary legal parts of self defence and make new friends on your way.

You will learn to be more patient, and we will introduce you to new values which might come handy to you.

"Self-confidence, discipline and self control"

These values will become critical in your journey into the society.

Well then, grab your gear and join us! Not only for fitness and mindfulness experience but for many socials and activities involved within this society!

No matter how big or small you are, nor does it matter if you are male or female! Anyone can engage and learn new skills and develop a new self confidence.

(Please note, that this society is focused on defence and how to protect yourself. Therefore, specific techniques will be taught throughout your experience with us.)

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