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  • What are the aims of our society?

To provide a competitive atmosphere to Esports that we haven't found when looking through other societies at Portsmouth.

  • What will you gain by joining our society?

The ability to; trial, compete and socialise in a manner that they may not have been able to before. Also, provide a platform for people with a competitive mindset to communicate with each other and be able to create their own teams and have an online environment to practice and compete on.

  • Where can we do this socialising?

We have made a discord for everyone to join with a wide variety of channels for people to use! Be sure to join it and remember to assign the game you play in the #roles channel in order to have access to them!

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ESports Society Committee Members

Jordan Thompson


Caitlin Wakeford

Overwatch Representative

Yusuf Hamadeh

CS:GO Representative

Cameron Gold

Content Creator

Kristian Emerson

Support Staff

Andrew Chau

Support Staff

Shabaan Ali

Lead ESports Representative

Jordan Winslow

Rocket League Representative

Ryan Dunkley

League of Legends Representative

Kewin Pienkowski


Talen Hamilton

Graphic Designer

Henry Simmons

Sponsorship and Merchandising Secretary

Kismet Hasanaj


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