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By joining the club you can expect a weekly fix of all things horsey whether you choose a traditional riding lesson or a chukka of polo. We can help you develop new skills all while meeting a group of friendly and like-minded people.

We can offer you great lessons at amazing prices in polo and riding as well as hacking, jumping, gymkhanas and competitions.

We have teams that compete in polo at both the summer and winter SUPA Championships as well as BUCS League competitions which involve team members competing in both dressage and jumping.

As well as all these riding opportunities our social sec Shona arranges regular socials ranging from themed purple Wednesday nights out to meals out, film nights and trips to events such as Ascot and varsity polo. There is always something for everyone!

Our Tuesday and Friday riding sessions take place at Quob Stables (meet outside James Watson Halls), and our polo sessions take place every Wednesday at Conroy Polo (meet outside the Students Union).

Keep up to date with our latest news and events by joining our Facebook group - UPSU Equestrian Club.

The current membership fee of £40 is our half-price membership for anyone looking to join and use our facilities for the rest of the academic year.

How much is the club membership and how do I pay?  

Annual membership for students, alumni students and staff is £77.50. Membership for Erasmus students can be half refunded if only in the UK for one term. You can pay online using the links on this page, or in the Union shop.

Have I missed the deadline for joining? 

Absolutely not, you can join at any time during the year, just remember you won’t be able to book lessons and ride until you have paid your membership. 

I’ve never ridden before, is that a problem?

Not at all, many of our members are total beginners. The club welcomes members of any ability, whether they are brand new to horse riding, used to ride and haven’t for a while, or have their own horse back home. Riding and polo lessons are always grouped by the riders’ level so you will only ever ride with people of the same ability as you. 

Do you have to own your own horse to join the club?

No you do not, even if you are selected to represent the club at BUCS competitions you do not need, and would not be allowed to compete on your own horse. 

Do I have to ride/ play polo every week?

Not at all, you can ride/play polo as little or often as you like, we are all students who have to budget so don’t worry if you can only ride/play polo fortnightly or less. 

Membership includes:

Our membership includes insurance for riding and polo lessons. It also gives you access to discounted lessons which are payed for a week in advance. You have to have paid your membership before we are able to allow you to join in with lessons. 

Travel fees for riding lessons are £2 and £4 for polo which goes towards your drivers petrol. This is because we rely on other members to help get members to lessons.

There is an extra fee for BUCS membership and SUPA competition fees for polo.

Equestrian Club Membership Committee Members

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Serena Toovey

Riding Captain
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Caroline Janaway

SUPA Captain
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Emily Sheen

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Rebecca Harrison

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Elizabeth Hipgrave

VP Riding
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Evie Shearn

Media Secretary
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Antonia Russell

Polo Captain
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Rebecca Button

VP Polo
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Tiffany Meeley

Social Sec
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Gabrielle Moorat

BUCS Captain
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Alexander Altuccini

Media Sec
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Darby Bonner

SUPA Captain

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