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Welcome to the University of Portsmouth Jets: the Gymnastics and Trampoline club that brings together old, new, novice and experienced members with the brilliance of our mutual bouncy passion!

With a fun and sociable environment to learn and develop your skills, we are keen to take on all members, regardless of experience or ability. Everyone is welcome to come along to any and every session they wish to, from swinging the high bar to landing bum-first on the trampoline to building up your fitness, and everything in between. And with the working hard comes the playing harder, so don't forget those all-important club-crawls, post-competition socials and friendly grilled chicken lunches (you know who we are talking about). Whatever day of the week it is, chances are we have something for you to come along to!


We offer up to four weekly training sessions for you to pick and choose from, as follows:

  • Monday 7.00-9.00pm Mixed Abilities Trampolining
  • Tuesday 4:00-5:30 Recreational and novice Trampolining
  • Tuesday 5:30-7:00pm Competitive Squad and Advanced Trampolining*
  • Wednesday 2:00-3:30pm Gymnastics
  • Sunday 2:30-4:00pm Gymnastics

*Invitation only after tasters

Gymnastics-wise, we train at Portsmouth Gymnastics Centre (Alex Way, PO2 9AD). For those wishing to taxi share, the majority of us meet outside Sainsburys (Guildhall Walk, PO1 2RY), with prices coming in at around £1-2 each way. Our sessions generally consist of a short warm-up followed by a choice of coach-lead or free-roam training. The coach-led choice enables you to learn specific skills on a different apparatus each session, whilst roaming free allows you to train whatever pleases you.

For trampolining, we train at John Pounds Centre (Queen St, PO1 3HN). We usually head straight there, however we are happy to meet you at Richmond Building (Portland St, PO1 3DE) if you let one of us know beforehand. Again, training consists of a brief warm-up followed by coach-led routine work or free-roam.

You are free to come to whichever sessions you'd like, although if you have university or work commitments that clash, feel free to speak to one of our committee members and we'll try to help you work around them. For those especially-dedicated individuals who want even more training on top of our sessions, the same gymnastics centre that we train at offers additional adult-gymnastics sessions from 8:30-10:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Although the prices are not included in your Jets membership, student prices for each session comes in at under £7, with many of our members turn up on a regular basis!


For those members wanting to show off their forwards rolls, high bar giants, sky-high straddle jumps and so many twists it makes the judges dizzy, we compete across the country in both sports throughout the year.

From a gymnastics stand-point, we compete in BUCS (British University & College Sport), Varsity and various university opens from October til the end of the academic year. All competitions follow similar rules, with novices only requiring forwards rolls and squat-on vaults, intermediate competitors requiring slightly more advanced high bar giants and tuck somersaults, whilst those few of us exceeding these levels will be required to compete full FIG code men's and women's artistic gymnastics. We have success across the board at all levels and are happy to help anyone and everyone interested.

If trampolining is more your thing, we too compete in BUCS and Varsity, as well as the SUTL (Southern Universities Trampoline League) League. Which we are champions of in the 2016-2017 season and the 17-18 season! Again, most trampolining competitions follow similar rules, this time with seven ability categories for each gender, from those amazing us with their perfect tuck jumps to baranis and back somersaults, all the way up to those competing multiple somersaults with nauseating amounts of twists. If that wasn'tenough, synchro is always hilarious fun, as are two-tricks. We usually have competitors in most of the seventeen total individual and synchro categories, so as always, feel free to have a chat with us and we'll light the way for you.


Work hard, play harder! When the trampolines are put away and the handguards wrapped up, we love nothing more than to get changed and head down to Guildhall Walk for a night of partying, cheesy music and the unknown shot that your friend just passed you from across the bar. Yes, the Portsmouth club-crawl is a regularity for most clubs at UoP, and we're no exception. Prepare to be dragged out in the most ridiculous costume you thought you'd never wear in your life, pounded by the oomph of blaring speakers and hitting up the shots like there's no tomorrow. We like to party, and we have rather a reputation for it (although we're not as bad as rugby, fear not).

Never been to a club before, or just not sure where to go to get your first snakebite? We set up all of our new members with an existing mentor member to help guide our members and make you all feel as comfortable as us.

Drinking and clubbing not for you? That's no problem either. The Jets committee understand that many of our members have different social interests, and this is why we set up several alternative socials each term, be it a barbecue, trip to Flip-Out trampoline park or a meal out with all of your favourite Jets. Whatever it is, our dedicated social secs are keen to show you the very best that Portsmouth has to offer, are always open to suggestions to help us help you make the most out of your Jets membership.

Jets Fly Abroad!

We wouldn't be very good Jets if we didn't fly to new territory, would we? That's right, our social secs and trampoline captain take on the complex task of taking you across seas to Ireland and continental Europe each year.
As always, many of our members love to travel to the likes of Spain and Croatia, and so our experienced members take care of the annoying details to take you on holiday abroad, with only the brain-pain of deciding which sunglasses to wear and whether your bikini matches your short shorts. This usually takes place during the Easter break.

Exclusively to Jets, we also offer you the chance to jet across to our friends west of the Irish Sea. There, you'll be competing during the day and partying all night on five insanely fun days at the Irish Student Trampoline Open (ISTO). With different themes for each night and three disciplines of tumbling and trampolining competition, ISTO gives you the opportunity not only to get to know your fellow Jets all too well, but also our fellow competitors at the many other participating universities.

Alumni Network

Once a Jet, always a Jet! After many years together, we just couldn't let go of our graduating Jets, and so we've created the Jets Alumni Network (JAN) just for you all. All members of JAN will be invited to Jets alumni events, kept up to date with success and achievements, and of course, be able to train as a member of our club*. For those wishing to join after their time comes, simply give us your contact details and we'll keep you up to date with all of our goings-on!


We're all here to make your experience as positive and fun as we can. If you ever need help or have any concerns just ask, we always aim to wear club kit to help you identify us. Just look for the black polo shirts with Gym and Tramp on the back.


You may think that this amazing, truly irresistible package comes at quite the cost, but you'd be wrong. The cost of it all? £107.50 per year for BOTH SPORTS, which includes access to four weekly sessions and socials. What's the catch? There is none. Here at Jets, we're all students, even our committee, just like you, so we want you to enjoy your Jets experience just as much as we do. So what are you waiting for? Come join Jets, we guarantee you won't regret it.

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