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Welcome to the University of Portsmouth Hindu Society!

We are a group of Hindu students that are passionate about creating a friendly community of Hindus here in Portsmouth. By being a member of Hindu Soc Portsmouth, you are also a part of NHSF (National Hindu Students Forum).They embody all the Hindu Socs throughout the UK.

We have held many successful events throughout the year from dharma classes, attended the Sports Competition and the South Zone 'Subrang' Garba which was enjoyed by all. The Holi Event was really successful. We were the talk of the town at the Union. We even made it in the local newspaper (The News) as well as Purple Wednesdays and Pugwash.

We are back in action for this academic year with even more exciting events planned!

Remember. the Hindu Society here at Portsmouth is 'a home away from home.'

For more details on when and where we meet, and for any other questions, keep an eye on our Facebook page, or email the committee directly at: hindu@upsu.net.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Memberships for 2020/21 will be available at the start of the new academic year.

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