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The kayak club is devoted to travelling to every corner of the country to paddle the most fun and exhilarating rivers around. Every Wednesday there is a pool sessions where we help beginners learn the basics, and work with those of you who want to improve your skills. 


The first few pool sessions of the year will be teaching you the basics of kayaking such as how to eskimo roll. As the sessions progress, you will start to learn things such as how to stay safe on a river and how to roll a kayak. The committee is committed to helping everyone improve their skills throughout the year.

We meet at:

Eastney Pool - Wednesday - 1:30pm-3:30pm

Membership for the Kayak Club is £ £65.00.


Adhering to university traditions, we’re avid fans of purple Wednesdays, as well as the usual socials such as pub golf and bar crawls. There will always be people within the club doing something every week! However, we’re not just about drinking! We travel to whitwater centres at Cardiff and Lee Valley regularly to practice on the whitewater there, as well as travelling to Wales and Dartmoor throughout the year to paddle the rivers there.

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