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Quidditch is a unique sport that has rules comparable to Dodge-ball, Rugby and Handball. The training we provide tries to be all encompassing allowing for satisfying sessions for first time or experienced athletes.

Location: Bransbury park 

Time: Saturday 10-1, Wednesday 2.30-4.30

Membership fee: £27.50 which is one of the cheapest within sports at the university.

Strikers compete regionally, Nationally with many players also attending other tournaments as mercenaries. We also encourage referee training to allow for better understanding of the game as well as something to add to the CV or use as a point within an interview!

Being a society means socials which we vary from drinking socials like Purple Wednesday but also sober socials and eating out. 

Regardless of the time of year do not hesitate to send a message about starting a sport you may not of known existed.

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