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We love to break stereotypes on the Women's rugby team here at Portsmouth University. If you want to work hard and play hard then we are the team for you. If you're an experienced rugby player or just fancy trying something new, we are a family of girls that enjoy keeping fit, breaking boundaries and having fun.

We enjoy bringing it on the pitch, and at our socials! We are forever changing people’s perceptions of a ‘typical’ rugby woman and showing that anyone, all shapes and sizes can excel at this sport and along the way you’ll become part of this family that will be your biggest and best support group at Uni!


We train at HMS Temeraire on Mondays (18:30-20.00).

We also train at St Pauls Gym on Fridays (7.30-8.30) 

Matches: Wednesdays

Membership: £97.50

Please message us for any other queries! we are very quick at responding!

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Darienne Chesham

Social Sec
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Susan Yaldiz

RAG and Media Secretary
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Natasha Layley

Social Sec
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Hannah Silver

Fitness Secretary
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Gemma Green

Club Captain
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Kirsty Britten

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Tamara Mccabe


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