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“Joining the skydive society is the best choice I have ever made, not only is it exhilarating flying through the crystal blue, but it is also a way to meet new friends, and beat personal limits.

I love it!”

As a society we want people from all walks of life, whether you are a seasoned expert, or a person who has yet to be introduced to the world of skydiving.

We offer many forms of skydiving, including tandems (with an instructor), solo and tunnel diving.

Our socials vary from pub crawls, house parties and clubbing to vodka martini’s, BBQs, and trips to playzone.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Join the skydive society!

How many times a week do you train?

Like most outdoor sports, skydiving is very weather dependent. Therefore, trips to the airfield highly depend on wind strength and cloud. We also cannot jump when it is raining. That being said, bad weather days do not stop us from enjoying ourselves. Whether we just hit the airfield bar, go to the local wind tunnel or try to expand on other parachuting skills through ground school lessons. There is always something to combat boredom during a bad weather day!

It also should be noted that the airfield is usually open from Wednesday to Sunday. But as we are students who work ‘very hard’ during the week, we usually only go for the weekend.

Keep an eye on our Facebook group for updates on times and days for our jumps and socials.

How many teams/levels do you have?

To qualify as a licensed skydiver, it should normally only take 18 jumps. However, contrary to popular belief, skydiving isn’t as easy as you think and there is a chance you may need to redo a level. That being said, many people have qualified within 18 jumps so don’t be too disheartened.

The type of progression and levels depends on which route you take to becoming qualified.

AFF (accelerated free fall) is the most expensive route but you start in free fall from 13000ft and have two instructors with you who will then pull your parachute for you on your first jump. You will then progress to the point that you no longer be supported in freefall and you will pull your own parachute.

RAPS ( rapid air progression system/ static line) is commonly used by students to getting licensed as it is more affordable. However you will start from 3500ft and your parachute is deployed via a static line which is attached to the strong point in the plane. You will then work through each level, getting higher and higher until you are able to deploy your own parachute after freefalling from 13000ft.

For all enquiries, please contact our committee via the Facebook group or through our group's email account:

We look forward to meeting you!

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