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Vanakam! University of Portsmouth Tamil Society (UPTS) would like to welcome all of you to our official Student Union page. 2017 welcomes a NEW committee, with NEW ideas and much more to offer to ALL students.

UPTS aims to unite people from all over the world, of all backgrounds and religions, to bring about awareness of the rich Tamil culture behind the dynamic language and traditions. Showcasing the best of our heritage through the means of our food, music, dance and games. Here you can find out more about us, what we do and what we stand for. You don’t have to be Tamil to join us, you can fully enjoy, participate and flourish in experiences that UPTS and it’s members have to offer.

Tamil is a language, a culture and its own civilisation. It is the culmination of thousands of years of a people that work hard and are appreciative of being who they are. UPTS are proud to represent such a heritage. We have gained strength and momentum since our launch in 2014. UPTS aims to make this a home away from home, while educating others and celebrating the skills and talents everyone has to offer.

How often do we meet? – Weekly socials, sports tournaments and monthly events, are a few of the variety of events we hold. Whether you’re a fan of Rajani Kanth, mutton rolls or even the glorious Chennai Super Kings we have it all to cater our love of Tamil, culture and our heritage. A few of the events we hold include: football, cricket and netball tournaments, movie nights, Deepavali (Diwali) celebrations, Asian clubbing nights and many more. Our ties with many other University of Portsmouth societies allows you as members to take advantage of the many activities it has to offer.

We hope that you join us in leaving a lasting legacy on UPTS, as it wouldn’t be where it is today without continue support from members like you. So what are you waiting for? Join us and take the first step into joining the best society at the University of Portsmouth!

For details on where and when we meet, any events we have coming up, and for any other questions, keep an eye on our Facebook page or contact the committee directly through the group email account: tamil@upsu.net.

 Nandri/Thank you,

 UPTS Committee 2017-2018

Tamil Society Committee Members

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Praveen Ramakrishnan

Events Coordinator
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Abhiram Suri

Marketing Manager
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Jevaano Uthayajeevan

Vice President
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Rexjoshwa Sagayaraj

Men's Sports Coordinator
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Naksunn Nakkeeran

Vice President
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Nivashini Brindakumar

Public Relations
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Ahrani Ravinehru

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Pavithra Pathmaranjan

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Danusan Sebaratnam

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Lakethan Ilangeswaran


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