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Vannakkam! University of Portsmouth Tamil society (UPTS) warmly welcomes all of you to our official student union page. We have got a lot to offer from our society this year, which includes event nights, socials and many more activities throughout the year. If you want to be part of this fun, then become a member of our group for FREE! Get to know new people and get to know the Tamil culture.

Do we have to be Tamil to join?

You don’t have to be Tamil to join us! The aim of UPTS is to unite people from all over the world, this means that this group is not just for people who are Tamil. If you are out there, who are not Tamil, but want to learn the culture, then this is for you too. This group is to create awareness of our rich Tamil culture and to teach all of us our traditions and the language.

What’s on for this year 2019-2020?

- Freshers fayre (September 19th 2019)

- Meet and greet (September 25th 2019)

- Our first event (October 9th 2019)

- Diwali celebrations

- Holi celebrations

- Socials

- Games nights

- Football and netball tournaments

How often do we meet?

There will be a social every 2 weeks on a Wednesday, also people will get to meet at sports tournament as we will be having a football team for boys and netball team for girls. If you have got any other sports, you would like us to start, then feel free to let us know. We have also got events planned for this year, so this is your chance to enjoy your university life by being part of a society that teaches Tamil culture and also brings people together. To be updated with the latest updates of our society:

Follow us on Instagram: uptamilsoc

Follow us on snapchat: uptamilsoc

Any queries? Email us: tamil@upsu.net

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UPTAMILSOCIETY/

Nandri (Thankyou)

UPTS Committee 2019-2020

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