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Portsmouth University, Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting and sociable society. We regularly train, compete at the highest university level, and get involved with the wider university social scene. It is a fast paced, “non-contact” sport played indoors or outdoors with a weighted Frisbee. The club was started in 1997 and is full of passionate members ranging in experience throughout the teams. It is a great opportunity to try something new and compete for the university, while making friends along the way.


For a yearlong membership as part of Ultimate Frisbee the fee is £60. The annual membership fee entitles you to membership of the club allowing you a vote in all club decision and at the AGM.

Due to the nature of Ultimate Frisbee competitions, extra fees will be incurred including additional contributions to tournament entrance, approximately £15. Ultimate Frisbee is a tournament heavy society, were opportunities to play around the country are abundant. The extra fees cover the costs to provide these opportunities to our members. If you intend to compete with the team it is expected that club kit is purchased at an additional cost. To play competitively with the team you are required to become an affiliated Ultimate player with UK Ultimate at an extra cost of £5. This £5 charge isn’t just exclusive to university ultimate, but also extends to club ultimate.

The Committee

The Ultimate Frisbee Committee consists of seven members from within the club, voted in by the club members. The President heads up the committee with the assistance of the Vice-President and Treasurer. The Men’s and Women’s Captains oversee all Club Training, Fitness and Team Selection for their respective teams. The Social Secretary is responsible for the organisation of all social events hosted by and within the club. The RAG Secretary coordinates any charity events held by the club.


The Ultimate Frisbee team train on Southsea common as a full squad on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons from 2-4pm. Men and Women train separately during Wednesday sessions on a bi-weekly basis in order to have specific team training in preparation for the Open (Men’s) and Women’s Tournaments. Indoor training for the whole club is provisionally arranged for Friday evenings between 7 and 9pm; location TBC. Both men’s and women’s fitness training is conducted on Southsea common and the time and day will be arranged with the team and captains by general consensus when the training season resumes. During the winter months, fitness training will be moved to an indoor location which will be confirmed when the weather begins to deteriorate.


Ultimate Frisbee is open to players of all levels of fitness, athleticism, skill and experience therefore we believe against holding trials. Throughout the year, both the Club and Women’s captain will monitor players’ progress, attendance and skill level to determine places within teams for Regional and National tournaments. Value is placed not simply on skill level but commitment and progress in team selection.

Club Biography

The Ultimate Frisbee team, like any other sport experiences its fluctuations in teams as students come and go. The past season of 2013/14 saw the team undergo considerable development following the graduation and consequent retirement of a number of key players from the dominating 2012/13 team. Despite the need for serious overhaul within Sublime, the team of 2013/14 has demonstrated a great deal of promise for the next few years.

When the university season began the Open (Men’s) team progressed to University Nationals after qualifying in the South East region and placing at Division 2 Nationals in 15th

The women qualified for nationals by placing in 5th place which was the first time in 5 years in which the women’s team had qualified for nationals, at nationals the girls went on to finish in a hugely respectable 20th

The Mixed team were unfortunate in not qualifying after a heart-breaking loss in the game to go to nationals.

The Outdoor Season proved to be fruitful for all of our competing teams, with the men’s team progressing to Division 2 Nationals in which they finished 10th.

The Mixed Team showed great strength as a team outdoors finishing in the final spot of 15th in the country at nationals, an improvement on the previous year’s 24th.

The Women’s team were unfortunate not to compete at outdoor nationals due to a combination of reasons, the main one being injury, this was a huge blow for the women’s team, but are looking to field a strong team for outdoors for this coming season’

Why to join the club

Ultimate Frisbee is a dynamic, fast paced sport that is gaining greater attention and accolade in the sporting world. In the UK, Ultimate is enjoying increased interest and development; Portsmouth’s University Club Sublime being no exception to this. Ultimate is an all-inclusive sport hosting interest for people of all skill, athleticism, fitness, competitiveness and experience; a characteristic of the sport which is greatly emphasised in Sublime. Frisbee is growing world-wide and consequently attracts players from all nations which is successfully mirrored in Sublime, being made up of numerous international students.

Ultimate Frisbee is renowned for its emphasis on fun and enjoyment combined with competition. Sublime strives to be a club open for people interested in simply just throwing a disc to competing in university competitions and aiding the development of those who set their sights on achieving success on the international stage in world championship ultimate.

The University of Portsmouth’s Ultimate Frisbee team Sublime is proud to be able to field two full open (men’s) squads, a mixed team and a women’s team. All teams within the club have achieved success in the university divisions, and as a growing and developing team, national success at university level is definitely within our grasp. As ultimate is still a developing sport in the UK most players join the club as a beginner so at Sublime we are not elitist as we can all understand what it feels like to be learning the sport.

Whether you are looking into joining a new sport, starting sport for the first time, transferring from the mainstream sports of football and netball or simply wanting to join a club for fun and social interaction, you can find what you need in Ultimate Frisbee. Whether you want some fierce competition or a casual throw about of a disc you are welcome at Portsmouth’s Sublime.


The Ultimate Frisbee team is coached by the Men’s and Women’s Captain. Coaching sessions occasionally are led by experienced players from within the club in order for them to contribute knowledge, skill and variety into the training sessions. The Sublime Ultimate Frisbee team is privileged to have a wealth of experience in their pool of past players. Such players often return to Portsmouth with fellow team members to host specialist training sessions.

Hall of Fame

The Portsmouth Ultimate Frisbee team is honoured to have been able to have National teams draft their players from the pool of players in our club. In the 2013/14 season alone, two players successfully progressed into the U20 GB squads to play in the World Championships in Lecco, Italy. GB selection has a vast history in sublime with other players such as Pete Gore, Matt Parslow, Chris Whittle, Lewis Glover and Gareth Shaw, to name a few, being selected to represent the country in World Championships in various team categories. Numerous retired Sublime members have progressed into significant positions in top UK clubs including James Baron, Lewis Glover and the recently retired Sublime captain, James Dunn all captaining the UK top 5 club Fire of London. It is not only the men who require a mention. A number of our most talented female players have also achieved Frisbee success. Jenny White played in the 2006 World Club Championships and recently retired players Becky Hall and Hannah Davenport successfully made the Mixed Team for Thundering Herd (top 20 UK club mixed team) and Phoenix Women’s team (top 10 UK club women’s team).


Ultimate Frisbee Club Committee Members

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George Ratcliffe

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Kathryn Powlay

Vice President
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Marc Convery

Social Sec
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Lloyd Northover

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Robert Bratchell

Men's Captain
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Charlie King

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Elisha Le Moignan

Women's Captain
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Kourtney Kelly

Welfare Secretary
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Graham Mott

RAG Secretary

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