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The medical and dental society is a scientific society perfect for students who are interested in the human body: how it is working and what happens when things go wrong. Its main goal is to help students with the application process for further studies in medicine, dentistry or any other health related studies. It is also aimed at developing and strengthening key transferable skills important in any healthcare and scientific career.

From entry exam preparations to conferences, it combines fun and interesting activities, where students can develop a better understanding of the human body and its pathologies. The weekly sessions are designed to highlight the importance of some of the key skills in any scientific profession and to help students gain these significant abilities, either by giving advice and support about work experience and volunteering or by preparing group presentations on various health topics. 

Furthermore, guest speakers are often invited such as doctors, nurses, dentists, students and admission tutors, to share their experiences and provide an overview of their responsibilities in their career. The society also organises fundraisers, ethical debates, trips, article discussions and many other exciting, but at the same time challenging and informative activities.

For details on when and where we meet, for details on any coming events we have, or for any general questions, keep any eye on our Facebook page or contact the committee directly through the group's email account: upmed@upsu.net.


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