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The University of Portsmouth Yoga Society encourages anyone to come and take part in our yoga classes, allowing whoever attends to relax, focus on themselves and forget about the issues of everyday life. We offer 2 different styles of yoga; mixed ability Hatha, and Power Yoga.

The physical aspect of yoga is based on postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama), which improves individual’s mindfulness, strength and flexibility. Classes are suitable for everyone from complete beginners to those who want to develop their practice. Students are advised to please wear comfortable clothing and get in contact with the committee if they have any questions. 

Classes prices vary, from being free to costing £4 per session. All classes will be held upstairs in the Students Union on a weekly basis. We offer: Wednesday 4-5:30pm, Sunday 4:30-6pm and Sunday 6-7pm.

Please do not pay for classes in advance unless you have signed up for one and your place has been confirmed by a committee member. 

To find out more information about our classes, please email us and check out our Facebook page.

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